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Epson TM-H5000II POS Receipt Printer

Prints receipts and graphics

This versatile printer combines the best of thermal and dot matrix technologies to deliver results tailored to your needs. And thanks to its high speed, you'll save time without losing quality.

      • Versatile printing: thermal / matrix
      • Printing delivery notes
Versatile printing: thermal / matrix - offers the possibility of printing with thermal or technology (receipts) matrix (vouchers).

High - speed thermal printing - (38 LPS) and allows the printing of barcodes, both vertical and horizontal format.

Backup print - print width up to 88 columns; possibility to print four original copies in the same process.

Print Other:

Printing Technology: 9-pin, serial impact dot matrixPrint Speed: Approx. 5.14 lps (40 columns,17.8 cpi)


Ribbon Life: 4,000,000 charactersInked Ribbon: ERC-32


Dimensions: 186 x 298 x 195mm (W x D x H) [7.3 x 11.7 x 7.7"]Weight: Approx. 4.8 kg (10.6 lbs]); With autocutter approx. 5.8 kg (12.8 lbs)Safety Approvals: Safety standards: UL, CSA

Print Fonts:

Print Fonts: 5 x 9 / 7 x 9Column Capacity: Slip / Validation: 45 / 60 columnsCharacter Size: 1.56 x 3.1mm (W x H) / 1.24 x 3.1mm (W x H); [0.061 x 0.122" / 0.049 x 0.122"]Character Set: 95 Alphanumeric, 37 International, 128 x 11 Graphic characters

Media Handling:

Thickness: Slip: 0.09 to 0.2mm [0.0035 to 0.0079"]/sheet (total thickness: 0.09 to 0.31mm) [0.0035 to 0.0122"]Length: Validation: 8 linesMedia Dimensions: Validation: 148 to 150 x 70 to 210mm (W x L) [5.83 to 5.91 x 2.76 to 8.27"]Copy Capacity: One original and two copies


Standard Connectivity: Connect-It interface modules (optional)

POS Details:

Reliability: MCBF 37,000,000 linesD.K.D.: 2 driversNV Bit Image Memory: 384 KB can be used to store graphic filesOptions: Auto Cutter, MICR


Power Consumption: Approx. 1.7 A (mean)Power Source: 24 VDC ± 10%