Epson ColorWorks - Case Studies

Our ColorWorks and monochrome labeling solutions deliver proven results for a wide range of labeling applications, from packaging and manufacturing to retail, logistics and more. Find out how companies are improving productivity, reducing costs and increasing sales with Epson.


Thanks to Epson ColorWorks® C6000AU printer, this technology distributor has managed to obtain greater visibility and consumer closeness by including labels on its sold products.



Carlos Carranza was able to expand his family business, from a portfolio of two products to more than ten, thanks to the Epson ColorWorks® C3500.


Salmones Pacific Star

With Epson's ColorWorks® C3500 printer, Salmones Pacific Star has been able to streamline its labeling product process and eliminate extra costs in its operations.


101 Museos

Epson ColorWorks® C3500 printers are used to make customized passports for admission to different museums in the country.