High-Performance Robots for Electronics Manufacturing

For over four decades, Epson has developed precision robots — originally, to manufacture our own electronic products. Now, we leverage that deep manufacturing expertise to help build advanced automation solutions for leading manufacturers in transportation, power, communications and consumer electronics industries.

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World-Class Automation Solutions

Epson robots provide high-precision, scalable solutions and help electronics manufacturers stay profitable under tight margins by delivering quality high-volume output.

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Epson robots help ensure the utmost in quality control with available options such as integrated vision guidance for inspection, and cleanroom ISO and electrostatic discharge (ESD) compliance.

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Built for the high-throughput, continuous production needs of electronics and microdevice manufacturers, Epson robots are engineered for applications that require extreme precision and 24/7 reliability.

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With Epson’s IntelliFlex Parts Feeding System and the easy-to-use Epson RC+® and RC+ Express operating environments, electronics manufacturers and suppliers can easily adapt automation equipment to fit new products or solutions.

Success in Real World Applications

RAM sticks

Extreme Precision in Mounting of RAM


A customer needed to assemble a motherboard to a blade server and add components such as RAM. The server chassis was bent metal, so slight variations in size and shape were possible, making placement challenging. Mounting the RAM required very precise knowledge of its location.


An Epson G-Series SCARA robot with Vision Guidance was used to position the server chassis and locate the motherboard mounting features. A local coordinate system was created based on these features and a C-Series 6-Axis robot was used for precise mounting of RAM.

Integrated circuits with ball grid array

Automation Solution Helps Save on Operating Costs


Integrated circuits with ball grid array (BGA) mounting needed to be assembled to a PCB and tested. The balls were soldered onto the circuits, so position varied, making it difficult to determine where the BGA was located relative to the edges of the circuit. If the circuit was not aligned properly, the tester would stress it, causing it to crack.


An Epson G3 SCARA robot with Vision Guidance was used to identify the position of the BGA, ensuring accurate placement. By adding feedback on testing time and scheduling, one robot was able to service two BGA testers, saving upfront and long-term operating costs.


Innovative Electronics Automation

Epson has been an industry leader in electronics manufacturing for over 40 years, including being the first to bring ESD-compliant robots to the market.


Transportation and Power

Epson robots are ideal for the high-precision manufacturing of components used in both gas and electric-powered vehicles, as well as traditional and renewable energy. Examples include:

  • Battery assembly
  • Solar panel stringing, testing, inspection and assembly
  • Safety and monitoring sensors and controls assembly
  • Transmission sub-assembly
  • PCB inspection


Communication and Computing

Epson automation solutions make it possible to meet tight tolerances with consistent and traceable manufacturing for maximum flexibility and adaptability. Examples include:

  • RFID tab inspection and packaging
  • Ethernet and other connector assembly
  • Electronic components assembly
  • Custom chip assembly and testing
  • Phone and radio testing


Consumer Products

Epson robots and integrated solutions can help manufacturers scale up complicated and tedious manual processes to achieve fast, high-volume output for consumer products. Examples include:

  • Appliance assembly
  • Electrical box assembly
  • Heat sensor testing
  • Medical device assembly
  • Tube laser marking for medical devices

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