ColorWorks® Color Label Printers

Print your own eye catching custom color labels when and where you need them. Help improve your business operations with printers designed for flexibility, speed, efficiency and reliability by bringing on demand full color label printing in house.

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ColorWorks Creates Solutions

Take control of the entire label process.

Inflexible, slow label operations of pre-printed labels can hinder productivity and delivery times. ColorWorks can add value to your business by enabling you to take control from design to inventory.

Print in Short Runs
Unlike pre-printed labels, ColorWorks labels can be printed in short runs and limited edition batches.

Modify Labels Instantly
Flexibility is critical and with ColorWorks labels you can quickly modify or change your labels.

Choose Your Own Design
No longer bound by the limitations of black-and-white, capture your custom designs in vibrant color.

Print in One Step
No need to wait and pre-order pre- printed labels with pre-set colors or information from a third party. Now you can print in one step with blank labels.

Regulatory Compliance
Complies with standards required for highly regulated industries such as toys and chemicals (BS5609).1

Save on Inventory & Space
On-demand printing eliminates the need to print long runs of pre-printed labels, which helps to avoid costs associated with storage.

Why Choose ColorWorks?

Save time and money by streamlining your color label production process with ColorWorks. Reduce delays, downtime and waste without sacrificing design and customization.

Print On-Demand

Add flexibility with control over what, when, and how many labels you print, you can make design changes on the fly.

Fast Turnaround Time

Print in full color at the speed your business needs and reduce your total production time.

No wasting time on ordering, searching for and changing pre-printed label rolls.

Increase Your Earnings

Color labels generate added value, so you can increase the price of your product to add revenue.

Communicate your promotions and discounts quickly and effectively.

Printing in-house lets you cut out third-party charges for design and printing.

Advantages of Our Technology

Heat-Free® Technology

  • High image quality and color accuracy
  • Low energy consumption
  • Durable printhead technology
  • Automatic head maintanence

Spot Color Matching

  • Accurate color reproduction when matching colors from an existing logo
  • Configure up to 32 spot color lists per table

Automatic Peeler

  • Innovation: First color label printer with Auto-peeler
  • Increase performance and productivity
  • Easy integration with "Print and Apply" robots

Find the best color label printer for your business

ColorWorks printers can handle a variety of print jobs, including chemical labels, ID cards, pharmaceutical labels and more.

ColorWorks CW-C4000

Prints Labels up to 4.2" Wide
A powerful and compact on-demand commercial color label printer with Wi-Fi capability.

Best for: Retail Stores, Small Businesses, Health & Pharmacy

ColorWorks CW-C6000 Series

Prints Labels up to 4.25" Wide
Industrial printers to replace monochrome thermal transfer printers, with options including auto cutters and built-in peelers.

Best for: Manufacturing, Packaging, Logistics, and Chemical Industry

ColorWorks CW-C6500 Series

Prints Labels up to 8" Wide
High-resolution printers ideal for bespoke, flexible color labeling. Options include auto cutters and built-in peelers.

Best for: Manufacturing, Packaging, Logistics, and Chemical Industry

ColorWorks CW-C7500 Series

Prints Labels up to 4.25" Wide
High-volume printers for when durability is key, this series produces reliable, high-speed, high-quality color labels that meets manufacturers’ labeling needs.

Best for: Food & Beverage, Packaging & Shipping, Manufacturing

On-Demand Color Label Printers for Any Industry

Food & Beverage

Chemical Industry



Health & Pharmacy

Retail Stores

Epson Software & Certified Partners

Learn more about Epson's easy install software, Epson Device Admin, and other powerful barcode and software labeling solutions compatible with Epson ColorWorks.

1 Inkjet printer ColorWorks with UltraChrome® DL pigment ink, used in combination with Neenah Kimdura™ poly media, is BS5609 certified.