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Epson SurePress L-4533

Water-Based Resin-Pigment Digital Label Press
The SurePress L-4533 is one of the best-selling digital inkjet label press on the market today. With its outstanding photographic print quality the SurePress L-4533 is an affordable white ink compatible press for labels and unsupported films.

  • Print speeds of up to 16 ft/min
  • True Photographic Print Quality
  • Automated Press Operation & Maintenance
  • High-Gamut Resin-Based Inks Print on Standard Flexo Medias

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Why Buy an Epson Digital Label Press?

  • Highly Reliable
  • Easy-to-Use & Maintain
  • Fast Production Print Speeds
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The operational status of the SurePress is monitored 24/7 remotely. Quick response and prediction of press behavior is done in advance, or in place of a service visit, to reduce downtime.

Easy to Use

SurePress label printers are simple to use and easy to maintain. Automatic maintenance functions cleans nozzles to minimize operator interaction and increase automation.

Fast Print Speeds

Combining Epson's PrecisionCore linehead, with a highly accurate web feeding technology and Epson’s own proprietary UV ink, enables stable and reliable printing at high speed of up to 164 ft/min.

Epson Digital UV Inkjet Press Technologies

The Epson PrecisionCore Linehead

Our newest generation PrecisionCore linehead enables high-speed, single-pass printing, complemented by Epson's original UV ink and UV ink systems. The Epson digital monitoring system maintains high productivity using Nozzle State Analysis to manage dropped inkjet nozzles, allowing the print job to complete. As Epson's most advanced printhead technology, PrecisionCore delivers our renowned, industry-leading output quality and durability, even at very high print speeds.

Excellent Print Quality

The Epson-developed pinning technology controls the range of ink scattering and realizes ultra sharp dots and incredibly thin lines. The Epson digital-quality color gamut, tonal gradation, flat print and lack of graininess help those in the prime label industry overcome their hesitation to using UV ink. Now UV printing can be used in more discriminating areas such as health and beauty, nutraceuticals, food and beverage, as well as standard consumer packaged goods such as car polish, lawn and garden care, and household cleaner labels.

Digital Varnish Ink

With our newest Digital Varnish Ink technology, a gloss or matte finish can be selected for the overall label, and appealing partial accents can even be added using glossy or even matte spot varnish.

Customer Testimonials

Best Label

Best Label shares how the SurePress L-6034 has saved them time and money with training, hardware intervention and minimal production downtime.

Rachel Michael’s Gourmet Popcorn

The gourmet popcorn brand explains how Grace Imaging has helped grow their brand using unique and clever label designs and fast, low-cost label printing.

Toledo Spirits

Grace Imaging produced and delivered an emergency order of labels for a next-day event, as well as providing a specialized label stock to match the brand’s look and feel.


See how SurePress provides a more efficient and safe work environment for SnugZ USA.

EAP Meziere

Discover why EAP Meziere in France now runs up to 50% of its jobs on a SurePress.

Print ONLine

After conducting two years of research, see why Print ONLine in Germany chose a SurePress for their wine label business.

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