How do I copy a document or photo using my product's control panel?

  • You can copy color or black-and-white documents or photos onto plain paper.
    1. Place your original document or photo on the scanner glass.
    2. Load plain paper in the product.
    3. Do one of the following to start copying:
      • To copy a black-and-white original, press the  B&W copy button.
      • To copy a color original, press the  color copy button.
      • To copy in draft mode, press the  B&W copy or  color copy button while holding down the  stop button. Make sure to press the  B&W copy or  color copy button within 3 seconds of pressing the  stop button.
      • To make more than one copy, repeatedly press the  B&W copy button or the  color copy button for the number of copies you need (up to 20 copies). For example, to make 4 copies, press the button four times. Make sure you press the button in intervals of less than one second.
      The product scans and prints your copy.

    Note: To cancel copying, press the  stop button.

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