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How Epson measures the performance of your ink cartridges
When buying a printer or multifunctional printer, consumers evaluate a number of factors that determine the quality and cost of equipment operation. An important factor affecting the operating cost, is the performance of the ink cartridges or the total number of pages that can be printed with an ink cartridge. In the past, manufacturers published yields based on different measurement tests, causing confusion and making it impossible to compare performance from one manufacturer to another.
In order to facilitate comparison of yields between manufacturers, Epson in conjunction with other industry-leading brands, have worked with the International Organization for Standardization (International Organization for Standardization - ISO) to develop a standard test for the industry to allow measure the performance of printer cartridges inkjet. The test involves printing a standard set of 5 pages (shown below) continuously until the ink cartridge runs out. This same test can be performed by leading manufacturers to determine the yields of their cartridges so users can easily compare.
The cartridge yields can vary considerably based on images printed, print settings, paper type, frequency of use, humidity and temperature.
Epson printers included in the box a full set of cartridges initialization. The head micropiezo Epson printers containing a liquid transport is replaced by ink the first time the computer is used. Because of this initialization process performance first game cartridges is smaller (as explained in the installation guide). This process is done only once, so the printer performance from the second cartridge increases and thus the specified performance is obtained.
Epson promotes price their products based on the amount of ink that can be used safely. Epson has a fundamental commitment to consumers which is to develop printing systems that meet the highest standards of quality and seeking to optimize ink usage and reduce waste both ink as disposable parts.
Performance measurement methodology
Epson publishes performance data based on ISO / IEC 24711 and 24712 standard for printer cartridges inkjet codes using two and three digits. Epson uses ISO standards to measure the performance of the cartridges and thus provide more clear and accurate information to our users.
• The test involves printing a standard set of 5 pages (shown below) continuously until the ink cartridge is completed.
• The cartridge is completed when the printer indicates that it is over and will not print unless the cartridge is replaced.
• To take into account possible variations between products, tests are performed on three printers with a minimum of three cartridges of each type.
• The tests are performed at a controlled temperature, with pre-determined settings according to the type of printer, as suggested by the manufacturer, on plain paper and using a personal computer running a clean copy of Windows operating system.
• To ensure accuracy and reliability, yields published by Epson are always adjusted (rounded) down (not up) in amounts that are at least sufficient to meet the standard deviation of the formula used by ISO.

About the ISO organization
ISO is a non-governmental organization institution composed by several national standards institutes of 156 countries, one member per country and a Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland.
Some of its members are part of the governmental structure of their countries or have government authorization, while others represent various industry associations in the private sector of a country. For this diversity of members, the ISO organization acts as an intermediary institution that seeks to reach a consensus on solutions that meet equally the business sectors and various groups in society, such as shareholders, consumers and users.
How Epson publishes performance data
Epson publishes the performance of black ink cartridges individually and composed for the color ink cartridges way. Actual yields of individual color ink cartridge depends on the printed image. The file ISO test does not use equal amounts of each color of ink and therefore, in accordance with ISO standards, we have chosen to provide a composite value because it allows customers to more easily understand the performance of our cartridges of colors. Technology in individual cartridges Epson, only the color is depleted is changed, not all colors.
What is the color composite performance?
The composite color performance is a type of average performance of individual color ink cartridges. This performance is defined by the ISO standard for the calculation and testing of life of the ink.
Epson recommendation
When choosing a printing equipment is important to consider a number of factors, depending on the specific needs of each user. Whether you print a large volume of text documents or if you print family photos or photos of professional level, Epson gives you confidence and the highest quality at a reasonable cost.

Files used by the standard ISO / IEC 24712