Printers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 

TCO is the result of the purchase price of an asset plus the costs of operation. Considering the the whole lifecycle of the product TCO shows you how much the end result really costs.

Why does the TCO matter?

When making a purchase, there are other costs to care about, besides initial acquisition costs. That’s why TCO estimations are so important to find the right solution that will save you money in the long run.

Which are the most relevant variables in the TCO of a printer?

Number of Pages

The expected print volume, usually estimated as a monthly average

Ownership Period

For how long is the printer expected to be used for

Bundled Yield in The Box

Printer manufacturers usually bundle starter consumables that need to be replaced once they are used up

Price of the Replacement Consumable

Once you use up the starter consumables, you need to purchase new ones. Sometimes cheap printers require expensive consumables

Yield of Replacement Consumable

Replacement consumables come in different sizes and yields, which influence how often you have to replace them

Beyond the Purchase Price

For example, let’s suppose you are choosing between two printers for your office: Model A and Model B.
Printer A Cost: $400 (Hardware)
Printer B Cost: $200 (Hardware)
Judging by this alone, Printer B seems more attractive. However, once you start considering the different TCO-influencing variables, you realize that the actual costs on the 1st year are the following:
Printer A Cost: $400 (Hardware) + $100 (Operating Cost)
Printer B Cost: $200 (Hardware) + $500 (Operating Cost)
This means that on the 1st year alone, Printer A can provide up to $200 in savings!

How could Epson EcoTank save you money?

Since TCO depends on how much you print, with Epson EcoTank the more you print, the more you can save!

Low Cost & High Yield Consumables

Epson offers high quality ink that comes in bottles instead of cartridges or toners. These bottles not only are very affordably priced, but can print thousand of pages, more than typical cartridges or toner cartridges

Ink in the Box

Epson EcoTank printers bundle ink enough to print thousands of pages out of the box. Depending on the printer model, these could be equivalent to up to 35 ink cartridge sets or 6 laser printer toners¹.

Energy Savings

Epson EcoTank printers are designed to be extremely energy efficient. Unlike laser printers, they do not waste energy in generating heat and could use up to 90% less energy when printing².

Auto Duplex Printing

Select EcoTank models can automatically print on both sides of the page, which could cut your paper consumption up to half.

What Our Customers Say

¹ About 35 sets of cartridges estimative based on the print yields of black and replacement color ink bottles compared to standard ink capacity cartridges for cartridge printers with similar characteristics from leading manufacturers as of July of 2018.

² Energy savings are compared with the best-selling A4 laser printers and multifunctional laser (1-20 ppm ISO color and 1-30 ppm mono) in Latin America with prices up to USD $ 499, in September 2018, based on the specification of manufacturer's operating voltage. The exact energy savings will vary according to the use of the product.