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You are eligible to receive a redemption code for a SMART Notebook Software license if you:

  1. Purchased a BrightLink Pro projector through an Education Institution in the U.S. and Canada (on going)
  2. Lost your redemption code that came in the box (on going)
Please click here to submit a claim for your redemption code.

If you already have your redemption code(s) and wish to redeem your copy of Notebook Software, please click here.

If you have purchased a large volume of BrightLink projectors and wish to consolidate all your redemption codes to receive a single SMART Notebook registration key, please e-mail all your redemption codes to SMART Technologies.

Important safety information about usage environments for mounted projectors

Epson BrightLink Pro 1470Ui

Epson BrightLink Pro 1470Ui
Model: V11H876520 Product Home

Epson BrightLink Pro 1470Ui

Select the questions to view the answers
Select the questions to view the answers
Start Here PDF

This document contains quick setup instructions for this product.

User's Guide HTML PDF

This document contains an overview of the product, specifications, basic and in-depth usage instructions, and information on using options.

DuoLink Installation/Image Size Calculator    ZIP
This Zip file contains a Microsoft Excel formatted file used to calculate the screen size for multi-projection installations.

Note: This calculator is a convenient tool for estimation only and is not intended to provide exact measurements.

DuoLink Setup Guide PDF

This guide explains how to set up your computer and two BrightLink projectors to use DuoLink.
DuoLink is a BrightLink feature that lets you draw seamlessly across the projected images of two adjacent projectors.

ESC/VP Level 21 RS-232 Control Codes for Business Projectors HTML

This Zip file contains the Microsoft Excel formatted ESC/VP21 Communication Manual with command codes, which are used to remotely control Epson projectors.

Easy Interactive Tool Tips PDF

This document contains tips for using Easy Interactive Tools.

Installation Guide - All-in-One Whiteboard and Mount System (AN3WA100) PDF

This document will assist you with product installation using the optional Whiteboard and Wall Mount System for BrightLink Pro (AN3WA100).

Installation Guide - Control Pad and Touch Unit PDF

This guide describes how to mount the Touch Unit and Control Pad for use with your Epson projector.

Installation Guide - Ultra-Short Throw Wall Mount (ELPMB53) PDF

This document will assist you with installation and usage with the Optional Ultra-Short Throw Wall Mount (ELPMB53) Part number:V12H902020.

Mounting Templates (ELPMB46 / ELPMB53) PDF

Contains the templates to use when mounting a projector with either the ELPMB46 or ELPMB53 mounts. Be sure to use the mount that is compatible with your projector.
Note: For accurate placement, make sure you print these sheets at full size. Do not reduce or enlarge.

Open Source Software License PDF

This document contains the Open Source Software License information for this product.

Operation Guide - Easy Interactive Tools v4.20 PDF

This document contains in-depth usage instructions for the software.

Operation Guide - EasyMP Network Updater v1.24 PDF

This document contains information about Setting up and using EasyMP Network Updater.

Operation Guide - Epson Projector Management v5.10 PDF

This document contains an overview, and usage instructions for Epson Projector Management Utility (formerly named EasyMP Monitor Utility).

Guides for previous software versions are listed below.
  Epson Projector Management  v5.0
  EasyMP Monitor Utility  v4.57 |  v4.56 |  v4.54 |  v4.53 |  v4.52 |  v4.51 |  v4.50 |  v4.40

Operation Guide - Epson iProjection v2.20 (Windows/Mac) PDF

This document contains an overview of using Epson iProjection utility (Formerly named EasyMP Multi PC Projection).

Procedure for Measuring Projection Surface Flatness PDF

This document contains important information for measuring projection surface flatness to ensure optimal touch performance.

Product Specifications PDF

This document provides technical specifications for this product.

Projector Mount Compatibility Guide PDF

This guide provides information for selecting a compatible mount.

Warranty Statement PDF

This document describes Epson's limited warranty for this product (warranty valid in the U.S. and Canada).

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