Advanced Tools For Projector Installation

Epson Pro Series Laser Projectors feature advanced functionality to simplify and speed up installations and setup.

Simple Installation and Camera Calibration

Access powerful tools that help speed up and simplify the setup of advanced projection applications. These tools are enabled by the built-in camera on some Pro Series projectors or the optional PixAlign ELPEC01 external camera that can be attached to the projector or UST lens without the need for an angle of view adjustment.

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Remote Control Aplication

Experience fast, efficient setup with the Epson Projector Professional Tool (EPPT) designed for the control of multiple networked projectors in a single, large space. Besides replacing the projector’s remote control the application provides access to automated tools such as tiling assist and the stacking assist function.

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Breakthrough Tools to Assist your Install.

Easily create bright, beautiful and seamless displays. Epson's unique camera integration and advanced toolset make previously time-consuming and complex applications quick and easy.

Tools for Content and Projector Management

Remote Support with Camera Photo Capture

Connect remotely to your Pro Series projector and capture a photo of the projected display using the built-in or external camera. Great for remote tech support and verifying installations.

Projector Management Application

Manage your installed inventory of projectors with the Epson Projector Management application. Check the projector status, update firmware over the network and more.

Two illustrations of a shark, highlighting the two projections seamless display of one image.

Simplified Content Scaling

For edge-blending applications, the built-in scale function can crop/zoom to a portion of the image without the need for specialized equipment.

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Get Started with Tutorial Videos

EPPT - In-depth Guide
EPPT - In-depth Guide

Watch a guided tutorial of all the functions in the Epson Projector Professional Tool that apply to single projector control.

EPPT - Multi-projection
EPPT - Multi-projection

Watch this step-by-step tutorial of EPPT focused on multi-projection applications including the tiling assist and stacking assist functions.

NFC Function Demo
NFC Function Demo

Use NFC to adjust settings, perform batch changes to multiple projectors and manage your inventory of projectors.

Simple Stacking Demo
Simple Stacking Demo

Create an exceptionally bright and vivid picture by stacking two or more projectors on the same screen without a PC or router.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest Tools

Epson is committed to perpetuating innovation by constantly creating new features for Professional Projectors, providing users with an exceptional, high value-added experience. By downloading the latest firmware update, you ensure your projector has access to the latest features and functionality available.
Firmware Updates
1 Built for use with ELPLX01S, 02S, 01WS and 02WS lenses.