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Professional Installation

Epson corporate projectors include features such as high brightness, high resolution, versatile connectivity for easy installation and other advanced features. Use these projectors in any large venue from a large conference room or concert arena to a lecture hall or a house of worship.


Epson offers advanced solutions for the modern classroom. Its wide range of products and solutions allow teachers to find the ideal tool for sharing lessons with their students in a simple, yet dynamic and collaborative way.

Corporate Projectors

Epson has the highest quality projectors that can fulfill even the most demanding workplace needs. From ultra-light projectors to products with unbeatable connectivity, Epson has the right product at the right price for any office.

Home Cinema

Epson home cinema projectors are the ideal solution for maximizing your home entertainment experience. These projectors include state-of-the-art features, such as Full HD resolution and 3D technology, and with flexible installation options, makes them the best option to enjoy movies, sporting events or gaming at home.

Professional Installation

PowerLite Pro Z Series

The PowerLite Pro Z and its line of optional power lenses offer incredibly high brightness, up to 11,000 lumens, with WUXGA resolution that is perfectly suited to the corporate and professional installation markets. They are easy to install and have the latest technology, including 360° projection, Portrait mode, Edge Blending, HD-SDI connectivity and more.

High Lumen PowerLite Projectors

Large-venue PowerLite projectors deliver brilliant images with lifelike colors, with up to an astonishing 5200 lumens of color and white light output, plus up to WUXGA resolution. They also feature a Faroudja DCDi video processor allowing you to project images worthy of any professional environment.


BrightLink Ultra Short Throw Series

These interactive projectors are ideal for the claddroom and can transform any wall or surface, including a table, into a 75” interactive area from only 15 cm away.

BrightLink Short Throw Series

These interactive projectors are perfect for the classroom. With a single product, you can use the interactive projection features without needing a specialized whiteboard.

PowerLite Ultra Short Throw Series

These projectors are perfect for use with interactive whiteboards or in classrooms with limited space for installation.

PowerLite Short Throw Series

Epson’s line of short-throw projectors are the perfect solution for use with interactive whiteboards or in classrooms with limited space for installation.

PowerLite Series

With a wide range of models, Epson’s PowerLite projectors are the ideal solution for any type of classroom or budget. Great features, such as wireless connectivity (optional), vertical and horizontal keystone correction, long lamp life and other features, make Epson the respected and well-known brand used in classrooms around the world.


Corporate PowerLite Projectors

These corporate projectors deliver the most diverse combination of features and price, thanks to a large number of models adaptable to any need.

Ultra-portable PowerLite Projectors

The PowerLite 1700 Series projectors are ultra-portable, making them perfect for on-the-go professionals.

High-brightness PowerLite Projectors

The high brightness of these projectors make them ideal for medium-to-large sized offices with a lot ambient light.

BrightLink Pro Series

Ultra short-throw interactive projectors with advanced connectivity options allow you to revolutionize interoffice or remote meetings.

Home Entertainment

PowerLite Home Cinema

Epson Home Cinema projectors are the ideal solution for maximizing your home entertainment experience. Great for ceiling installation, or can be moved from room to room. Quick and easy “do it yourself” installation.

PowerLite Pro Cinema

For users who require professionally installed equipment. The advanced features in the Pro Cinema models deliver an exceptional home theater experience.

Epson | #1 Selling Projectors in the World

Epson is the top selling brand of projectors in Latin America and the world, thanks to cutting-edge technology designed to meet a variety of consumer needs, including home theater, business and education.

Epson Innovations

From Epson's early beginnings as a projection pioneer, Epson continues its full commitment to offering projectors that lead in technology, innovation and quality.

Lifelike Experience

Lifelike Experience

Epson projectors provide a lifelike viewing experience, thanks to 3LCD technology that produces intense white and color brightness, so that projected images are more vibrant, sharp and colorful.

3LCD Technology

3LCD Technology

Epson video projectors feature 3LCD technology, allowing users to enjoy images that are sharp and brightly colored, with true-to-life color tones.



Epson iProjection is an app that allows you to project content from mobile devices (iOS and Android). You can easily project wirelessly from your device using a network-connected Epson projector.

At Epson, we know that planning for the future requires a strong commitment to the environment. That is why we strive to create innovative products that are reliable, recyclable and energy efficient. Better products that use fewer resources help ensure a better future for us all.